Lussona is a boutique-consulting agency that is passionate about unique travel experiences and always looking for the next great story to share.

With more than 15 years in luxury, lifestyle and travel, our unique perspective of the industry enables us to provide dynamic and impactful integrated customer experience and marketing solutions to improve hotels & resorts market position and maximize revenue. Our team has spent over 10 years traversing the globe helping brands tell their stories, building an international network along the way. 

Our personalised approach aims to capture, distil and share your story in a meaningful way via unique customer experiences, to ensure a long-lasting impression. We are driven by our contagious enthusiasm and deeply rooted desire to offer our clients memorable experiences and opportunities that go beyond their unique expectations.




Raised in a restaurant by an entrepreneurial and hospitable mother, Nadia has always been passionate about human behaviours.  From her early years customer experience and guest satisfaction were at the heart of her life. Growing up, Nadia's curiosity and interest for human interactions led her to study psychology and work in a psychiatric institute.  After a few years of dedicated support to people with deep challenges she decided to move to childcare where she learned new aspects of behaviour and learning process.

Her career in luxury hotels started unexpectedly when she was given an opportunity to work and live abroad as a sales representative for a well-known resort chain.  She discovered a whole new world where guest experience was taken to the next level. In a very competitive industry such as luxury vacation hotels, Nadia understood that the way to differentiate often lies in small things and attention to details.  But overall no matter how nice the property may be, what matters most is that the guest experience is taken above and beyond expectations.  Her ability to show empathy allowed her to lead a very successful sales career. She got to work in a few famous hotels.   

After a while, she felt she needed to challenge herself even more and felt this strong need to make a difference. Nadia soon started to teach hospitality students to become enthusiastic about delivering long-lasting positive emotional customer experiences. After only a semester she knew she was meant to share her knowledge.

Starting her own consulting company and assist hotels and resorts in creating unique emotional journeys in their valuable guests was a natural outcome of her rich background.




Profile: Perfectionnist, curious and detail oriented, Marion has always been passionate about traveling. Marion’s thirst for travel led her to build her career in hospitality in several countries including France, Belgium, UK, and Canada.  

Background : After completing her MBA in Toulouse, Marion looked for the perfect way to combine her passion for travel and business as a career path.  Curious by nature, Marion always felt the need to analyze and understand everything, drawing her to the complex world of hotel revenue management. 

Expertise : Having worked for both international hotel chains and independent hotels, Marion acquired expert knowledge about the vast opportunities that can be offered to hotels in order to optimize their incomes while being aware of the limitations faced by small independent hoteliers.  Meticulous, Marion knows how to successfully implement a department of Revenue Management, creating in-depth analysis and optimization tools from A to Z.  Working with Marion will take your business to the next level in terms of profitability.




Our Mission

We believe your story is unique and is worth being heard and that is why we are determined to share it with the world.

Our Passion

Because we are truly passionate about hospitality, helping our partners find success comes naturally.  It is always a pleasure, never a task.

Our human touch

We love to meet people and connect with them, but most importantly, we enjoy helping our partners connect with their customers.


Our Personalized Approach

Before helping, we listen to you carefully and make sure we understand your very needs.

Our Experiences

Because we are always seeking learning opportunities through new ventures, we enjoy sharing our insights so you can benefit from the knowledge we gained along the way.

Our Forward-Thinking Approach

We dare to do things differently to help you find the success that you deserve.