Team trainings


Our approach is one of personalization. To better serve you, we ensure that we understand your organization’s values and objectives in order to implement sustainable solutions to improve your market positioning. Together with our clients, we look at:

 ×    Customer emotional journey mapping

 ×    Customer experience objectives
 ×    Customer journey strategic planning

Brand ambassadors


Offering the right customer journey is essential for the success of your hotel.  As customer experience specialists and storytellers, we offer dynamic trainings allowing your teams to better master the power of empathy to attract, connect, and delight your customers. Here are our trainings:  

 ×    Customer experience: The art of creating unforgettable     

        experiences & stories

 ×    Sales: Storytelling to attract, engage and delight your

        customers for steady and sustainable sales returns
 ×    Leadership: Fostering empathy to create inspiring leaders

Creating meaningful experience


We believe that organic searches deliver relevant results and traffic.  Happy guests become true ambassadors of your brand as they share their unforgettable experience, becoming a powerful and effective marketing tool. We help you leverage those compelling stories by:

×    Creating meaningful experiences that are worth sharing

×    Designing unique content for better influence collaboration
×    Transforming associates into greta brand ambassadors

Creating impactful site inspectation


In an era where leaders are under more and more pressure and facing many challenges, empathy is the path that can’t be overlooked.  That is why we offer coaching sessions fostering empathy to transform professionals into more
effective, inspiring, and engaging leaders