We are truly passionate about our mission to create lasting impressions and stories that stay etched in your guests’ hearts and minds. Adding to our roster of training and strategy, we also speak at conferences to share our knowledge and expertise and help you create unforgettable experiences for your guests.


Hi, I’m Nadia,


Hospitality and empathy come naturally to me.  Born and raised in a small-town restaurant by the most hospitable & gracious mother, I learned very early on what it takes to create personalized service to exceed customers’ expectations.  Constantly trying to understand the “why” behind people’s behaviours, I studied psychology to quench my thirst for curiosity.  Soon after graduation, I worked in mental health where I gained better insight into reading and understand individuals and quickly discovered that the heart of any human connection is empathy.


My innate desire to bring customer experience to the next level led my career to take a natural turn towards the hospitality industry.  Then working for some of the world’s most luxurious hotels and brands, I quickly realized that many organizations fail to treat their customers as unique individuals.


With my background in psychology in one hand and my deeply rooted desire to offer my guests what they truly desire in the other, I made it my mission to coach professionals on how to put themselves in their customers' shoes in order to create experiences that leave their valued customers in awe each time. 


I now teach my empathetic philosophy of customer experience at the college level, have lectured around the world, and use this unique perspective as the foundation for Lussona Agency.