We are truly passionate about our mission, which is to create lasting impressions and stories that stay etched in your guests’ minds and hearts. Adding to our roster of training and strategy, we also speak at conference to share our knowledge and expertise and help you create memorable experiences for your guests.


Hospitality and empathy come naturally to Nadia. From her childhood years of growing up in the restaurant industry, followed by a degree in psychology, she has been able to gain a broader insight and understanding into human behaviour. Soon after graduation, Nadia worked in mental health for an extended period, helping people overcome their challenges to bring out the best in themselves; an aspect she thoroughly enjoyed and excelled in. This led to her career taking a natural turn towards the hospitality industry where she worked with high-end resorts and hotels for a number of years, thereby gaining a deep awareness of what it means to have an unforgettable guest experience.


With a psychology degree in hand, combined with her vast knowledge of the hospitality realm, Nadia eventually found her calling as a specialist in helping her clients create curated experiences for their guests. She founded her agency Lussona and has spoken at multiple conferences sharing both her expertise and experiences with industry leaders.